You ever had one of those crazy uncles that is always borderline inappropriate? That is T-bone. After years as the singer for Organic State in the early to late '90's he moved onto radio. He worked as a DJ/Air Personality, Producer and Creative Services Director for some fine stations such as WREZ (105.5 the Cat) and WZZL (106.7 WZZL) in Paducah, KY and KATI (Kat Counrty 94.3) in Jefferson City, MO. He left radio to be daddy and husband. 15 years later he fought his way back for a triumphant comeback by working with some great folks at KFNS (100.7 the Viper) and KYRO and got some priceless training for some of radio's best. After 3 year working his way back he knew the time had come to put his money where is mouth is. He was already heavily interested in the STL scene and really wanted to make an impact on the artist that made such great music. Thus, Beyond FM was born after quite of bit of encouragement from friends and the support of the music community. 

T-bone is a Broadcast Center Grad, biker, poker player, father of 3 and a Paw Paw to his 2 year old grand daughter. 

Patrick Boos - On Air personality, DJ, Sports Lover, Wrestling Fanatic, comic book enthusiasts and a friend to all. Reformed Gym rat and on a long weight loss journey. Not only is he the fun loving guy on Beyond FM, but he also works at the world famous Y98 FM and KMOX in St. Louis.

DJ BJ - Wordy, artist, and your every day girl next door. Born and raised in the heart of the Bible Belt. Been speaking her mind and bending the rules since she could walk. LU collegiate athlete and single mum of four with a big heart, big shoulders, and a zest for life.

Jason “Shutter” Wilson is a professional photographer from St. Louis, Missouri. He uses light and color to capture a spectrum of images that resonate with life.  Jason understands that his photographs tell stories of a moment in time, and only chooses to use the most ideal. He uses this talent to be able to put faces to those we see on stage, and is always willing to work with any band who needs professional photographs.

Shutter is an activist for people with mental illness through the National Alliance for Mental Health. (N.A.M.I.) He says “I'm Bi polar and suffer from an anxiety disorder, but those DO NOT DEFINE me as a person and they can be managed. (People who suffer with mental illness) can live a successful life and NO ONE should be ashamed or scared to talk about it. It’s all about the understanding of it all”

He is a graduate from The Broadcast Center and brings that experience to the Beyond FM team.

“Being a part of Beyond FM has changed my life.”

TenCents is made up of Jenn and Jeff Nichols. Two Nickels = Ten Cents. A married couple, with 4 teenage children, who divulge ALL of their free time into promoting the St. Louis local scene!

   They work closely with some of the biggest, and up and coming St. Louis local bands. They have put on some of the best shows, in some of the finest, and not so finest local venues in St. Louis.

   They have dabbled in promotions, management, podcasting, radio, and much more, always giving their 100, in whatever their endeavors are. They have met, and worked with some of the finest people, in and around the St. Louis local scene.

   Jeff is more the front man, and voice of TenCents. You will hear him more, and see him more out and about in and on the scene. Jenn is more the brains behind the scenes. Keeping calendars organized, and taxiing teenagers around. They are here to bring the love, and keep the positivity in the scene. They are honest, they are kind, and they always love meeting, and working with like minded people

Heather Eikel - Mom of 3, gym rat, has a passion for photography and love of music, books, animals, & muscle cars. Loves live concerts & how music connects different types of people together.